Upoker Review 2024

Upoker is a mobile poker application that embodies the best achievements of PPPoker and has become a completely new stage in the development of online poker. This room has advanced software with many settings and features. Excellent graphics and user-friendly interface will make the game process as comfortable as possible. Thanks to its rapid development and the creation of favourable conditions for the game, Upoker, despite its young age, already competes with the largest poker applications in the world.

  • A lot of action
  • Private clubs
  • OFC, 6+ Holdem action
  • Agent cashier

Upoker software

The game at Upoker is played with chips, which allows attracting players to the poker room even from countries where gambling is prohibited. Play-money is exchanged for real money. The exchange takes place with the help of agents who make deposits and withdraw funds. Our agents guarantee the safety of all funds, and also provide more favourable conditions for the game by looking for clubs with fishes and increasing the size of the rakeback.

You can download Upoker both on mobile devices for iOS and Android, and on a personal computer. The software of this room is the most important advantage over competitors. The client has a more thoughtful and intuitive interface. The graphic design is also excellent.

Traditionally, for similar applications, Upoker has a vertical orientation of the tables. If you install Upoker on your PC, then a maximum of 4 tables can be played simultaneously from one account. The programs for collecting statistics are not directly supported by the poker room, but the HUD can be used when launching Upoker through a special emulator.

The traffic and clubs

Despite the fact that Upoker was launched in 2019, this young room has already attracted a fairly large audience of players. Unlike traditional poker rooms, rooms like Upoker divide all traffic into separate, private clubs. It is within these clubs that the game is played at Upoker. The division of players is geographically based, i.e. players from a specific region or country gather in individual clubs. Thus, you can choose the club with the most convenient peak attendance time for you.

Upoker’s review showed that the average game level in this application is much lower than that of regular poker rooms. In terms of the style of play and the skills of opponents, Upoker can be compared to offline poker.

The selection of games at Upoker is not very large, but you can find the main disciplines here. So, No-Limit hold’em is usually played at 6-max tables, represented by limits in the range NL10 – NL5000. There are several types of Pot-Limit Omaha with similar limits. You can play Chinese poker with a jackpot of up to $ 6. Several tournaments with guaranteed prize pools are held every day. In addition, Upoker has SnG tournaments.

The number of clubs in Upoker is constantly increasing. Our managers will select the most convenient club for you, taking into account the time zone of residence, preferences for games and limits, and other needs. In addition, we are ready to provide more favourable conditions for rakeback.

UPoker Rake 

Upoker rake is withdrawn according to the standard scheme – Weighted Contributed. In accordance with this system, the rake is distributed among players in proportion to their investment in the pot. If the pot was played before the flop, then the commission is not withdrawn by the poker room.

Each Upoker club has its own rake percentage, but in most cases it is 5%. The maximum rake is limited to a few big blinds (usually 3BB). To find out more precise conditions of the game in a particular club, contact our managers.

Upoker Rakeback

Rakeback at Upoker also depends on the club, and can range from 10% to 35%. To get a better rakeback deal, please contact our managers. 

Deposits and withdrawals

To deposit and withdraw funds from Upoker, you must use the services of an agent. Our agents will select a suitable club and buy chips for real money. The exchange rate depends on the conditions of a particular club. If you need to withdraw money, you can order a cash-out from our agent. A reverse conversion takes place – chips are exchanged for real money.

The minimum deposit is usually $ 500. Transactions can be made using Skrill, Neteller and BTC systems. 

Why is it profitable to play at Upoker

Upoker is perhaps the most promising young poker application. With its help, you can play with weak opponents in a wide range of limits. Even at the highest limits, the level of competition is comparable to offline. A convenient and thought-out application will make the process of playing Upoker as comfortable as possible, both from mobile devices and from a personal computer.

The main disadvantage of Upoker is the non-standard organisation of the game. All transactions are carried out with the participation of an agent. However, you get used to it quickly, and you do not experience any inconvenience during the game. Therefore, Upoker can become the main poker room for a player of any limits.