PokerOK Review 2023

PokerOK is one of the most promising and fastest growing poker rooms in the world. After the room entered the European market, the traffic of the GG Network is rapidly increasing. The software supports the Russian language, there is a Russian-language support service, which makes GGPokerOK an excellent room for players from the CIS countries. Favourable promotions, a high-quality client, a large number of games and a variety of poker formats make this room one of the best in the GG Network.

  • Recreational players from Asian countries
  • Very weak fields at all the stakes
  • Push or Fold tables
  • Trackers is prohibited
  • No heads-up tables

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Software review

Let’s start our review of PokerOK with its software – the most important advantage of the poker room. The client is the most convenient, functional and has a pleasant, modern design. Each player can easily change the theme and adapt it to their own preferences. The tournament lobby is filtered by many parameters.

The lobby interface is well thought out. The top menu contains tabs for accessing different sections of the online casino. Below, there is a menu with a choice of formats and types of poker. By going to any section, you can sort games by various parameters: name, start time, buy-in, number of players, size of the prize pool, etc.

PokerOK tables also have flexible settings. You can change the appearance of the canvas, card backs, and suits. A four-colour deck is available. Thanks to the choice of large suits, multi-table play becomes more comfortable.

You can download PokerOK both on a computer and on mobile devices. It is prohibited to use third-party software to collect statistics here. It has its own simplified tracker that collects basic statistics, called Smart HUD. With it, you can see your opponent’s VPIP, win percentage, as well as your biggest losses and winnings in a game against each opponent. Players can be marked with different colours, as well as write comments for them.

Depending on the poker format, the number and name of Smart HUD statistics may differ. For example, in the AoF format, you can see with what percentage of hands the opponent was pushing. Using the Poker Craft application, you can view detailed statistics of your game: EV and earnings chart, most profitable hands, most profitable table positions, opponents who brought you the most income, and opponents who beat you the most.

PokerOK software is constantly updated, mainly focusing on recreational players. A recent update made it impossible to sit out at only one table – the player becomes immediately inactive at all open tables, which makes bum hunting difficult. In addition, in fast poker you can enter a new table with a smaller stack than it was, only an hour after the exit.

There are many unique features available for PokerOK players. For example, you might ask your opponent to spread the flop 1, 2, or 3 times. Bet insurance in case of relocation is available – this feature is activated when all-in and when you are the leader. By paying part of the potential winnings as insurance, you will receive a win (although its smaller), even if your opponent’s out comes up on the turn or river.

The traffic and the choice of games

PokerOK traffic can exceed 40.000 connections during peak times, which are in the evening European time. There is always plenty of game in all formats and in a wide range of limits. Here you can play classic and 6-max Hold’em, Omaha, Fast Poker, AoF, Spins, MTT.

There are more than 100 tables in the evening with the rules of Texas Hold’em. The limits range from NL2 to NL400. The minimum purchase here is only 20 BB, so even at high stakes newcomers are often found. Omaha is inferior in traffic to Hold’em. However, there is no such number of PLO tables even at PokerStars.

PokerOK hosts a large number of regular multi-table tournaments. Buy-ins range from $ 1 to $ 250, but there are also more expensive events. There are satellites for the $ 150 GG Masters 500K special weekly tournament. There are high roller tournaments with buy-ins ranging from $ 210 to $ 5.000 and a guaranteed prize pool of up to $ 100.000. Daily events cost from $ 22 to $ 250, and the guarantee goes up to $ 30.000. There are three tournaments on Sundays with a $ 1 million guarantee.

Spins at PokerOK are played at limits from $ 0.25 to $ 50. This format practically does not differ from the similar game in other rooms – super-turbo 3-max tournaments with multipliers from x2 to x12,000. Not only the prize pool depends on the coefficient, but also the size of the initial stack and the rate of growth of the blinds.

PokerOK bonuses

All new PokerOK players have a choice of two bonuses to their first deposit. You can get 100% of the deposit up to $ 600, or $ 100 in the form of tickets for Spins and MTTs. In order to take advantage of this offer, you must top up your account with at least $ 20. You have 90 days to use the bonus. The bonus money is cleared in parts – $ 5 for every $ 20 of the generated rake. As a result, during the use of the PokerOK first deposit bonus, the rakeback increases by 25%.

It is possible to increase the bonus to the maximum value by depositing the account several times within 60 days after the first deposit.

If you choose $ 100 as your bonus, you will receive tournament tickets within six days of your deposit. You will also have access to tasks in the AoF, completing which you will receive tickets for satellites to the GGMasters event, worth $ 15.

PokerOK offers to take advantage of a no-deposit bonus for registration. The bonus amount is $ 11, and it becomes available after account verification. In addition, all new users of the room can receive up to $ 150 as a no-deposit bonus for completing simple tasks during the first month of the game.

Jackpots are played out at the PokerOK cash tables. Build a strong hand starting from four of four, put at least 15 big blinds in the pot, and get a share of the massive progressive prize pool. There is also a jackpot played out in the AoF format, which is given to the owner of a royal flush that has reached the showdown.

PokerOK rake

The rake in PokerOK in Hold’em and Omaha cash games is 5%. Depending on the limit, the cap can vary from 1 BB to 3 BB. At $ 0.02 / 0.05 bets, the maximum commission in Hold’em is $ 0.5, and in Omaha it is $ 0.15. At NL1K the cap is $ 10, at PLO1K the commission is capped at $ 15.

Poker Rakeback

Unlike many competitors, in PokerOK the rake is removed from pre-flop and if the pot contains more than 2.5 BB. Rake points are distributed among players in proportion to their contributions, and also depend on some other parameters: the success of the game, the number of deposits made and cash-outs. Thus, recreational players earn more rake, and therefore, their rakeback will be higher.

In fast poker, the rake is also 5% and is limited to 3 BB. In Hold’em 6+, a 5% commission is collected with a 3 ante cap. In tournaments, the rake is included in the ticket price and is usually 10%.

By participating in the Fish Buffet loyalty program, you can receive up to 100% rakeback at GGPokerOK. Medium and high limit regulars usually get about 50% rakeback, which is quite a high amount. The VIP system is divided into 8 statuses and 24 levels. To move up the loyalty system, you need to collect FP points. One point is given for every cent of the rake. The higher the level, the more points you need to collect to reach it. If during the allotted period of time the player does not gain the required number of points, then he remains at the occupied level, or drops to the previous level. In this case, FP will be canceled and he will be paid 10% cash-back from the points burned out.

Moving on to each subsequent level, the player can spin the reel, where prizes of various values ​​fall out. The range of prize pools depends on the level occupied. If you’re lucky, you can get back up to 100% rake.

Additional rakeback at PokerOK can be obtained for participating in daily rake races with a total prize pool of $ 20.000. The leaderboard is divided into 10 categories depending on the limit played. To participate in the race, you just need to play cash and earn bonus points. The higher the place taken in the leaderboard, the greater the prize. In the period from 8.00 to 10.00 Moscow time, happy hours are activated, during which points are earned 1.5 times faster.

Deposits and withdrawals

In order to make a deposit at PokerOK, you need to fill in your personal information and go through verification. The minimum deposit amount is 10 dollars or 700 rubles, the maximum  that can be deposited into the account – 70.000 rubles. Withdrawals start at the $ 10 mark. Financial transactions are performed by all popular payment systems: bank cards, Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney, etc. When you make a deposit, money is credited to your account instantly. It takes 1 to 5 business days to withdraw funds. The commission is charged $ 1 for a cash-out. You can withdraw no more than $ 50.000 per month.

Why is it profitable to play at PokerOK

In the poker room PokerOK, both recreational players and professionals will find a lot of benefits. The former will appreciate the ban on the use of third-party software, with the help of which regulars could gain a significant advantage. In addition, bum hunting is now difficult due to the impossibility of sitting out at one table, so amateurs will not lose their money so quickly. Also, beginners like the various tricks of the poker client – the ability to insure a bet, spread the board up to three times, make a straddle (blind bet). A rake distribution system that takes into account the profitability of the game will also be beneficial for amateurs who lose more often than win.

As for the regulars, they are primarily attracted by the opportunity to get high rakeback. With active play, it is quite possible to return 50-60% of the rake. The huge variety of games and formats across the entire range of limits is also an advantage for experienced players. As evidenced by reviews of PokerOK, a large number of recreational players gather at the tables. It is not necessary to select a table to meet one or two fish at the table.

One of the best software in the poker industry will be appreciated by both regulars and amateurs. The prompt work of the Russian-speaking support service will also appeal to both categories of players.