PokerBros Review 2024

In the online poker industry, mobile apps have begun to gradually increase their share of presence, successfully competing with classic poker rooms. This is due to the general availability of such apps, relatively weak lineups, a wide choice of disciplines and good attendance. PokerBros is one such poker app, which beats its competitors (PPPoker and Upoker) by more flexible settings and more features.

PokerBros has become quite popular worldwide, but the lion’s share of players are registered from the USA and Latin America. Poker players from these countries are not notable for their particular skill and professionalism.

The principle of PokerBros, as well as other similar applications, is to provide only their platform for the organization of the games. Club administrators themselves add users, set the rules, rake, rakeback, bonuses and are responsible for the activity of the club. The game is played with nominal chips, which, however, have a real value.
It follows that mobile applications do not control the commercial component of the clubs. This peculiarity of PokerBros should be taken into account in order to soberly assess all the risks while playing.


PokerBros background and features

The PokerBros app appeared in 2019 as a more modern and advanced version of PPPoker and Upoker. This app allowed access to online poker for residents of countries where the poker game is banned. And all because of the special status of PokerBros – it is an app for playing for playmoney, that is, not for real money. Therefore, the activity of this application is not limited by any legal framework. 

PokerBros is becoming more and more popular in Asian countries and countries in South and North America. Games are organized in closed clubs, which can be divided in different ways: geolocation, poker formats, played limits, etc. 

Clubs often unite into unions to increase general traffic. Today the traffic of such unions is comparable with the attendance of classic poker rooms. 

In spite of the fact that the game in PokerBros is played in playmoney, each nominal chip is pegged to the rate of real currency. So you’re essentially playing for real money. Players need the services of an agent to make the exchange of chips for money. 

Bastion Poker is ready to provide our agent services on the most favorable conditions for our clients. We’ve been on the poker market for over 5 years, we’re trusted by a large number of players, and we have an untainted reputation.

Getting Started at PokerBros

If you would like to get access to the PokerBros weak fields, contact our managers and they will tell you the details in the order you want to play. The process to sign up and start playing is fairly straightforward. You name your preferred disciplines, limits, game conditions, and we select the most suitable clubs according to your needs. 

We have a large database of only the most reliable and trusted clubs with high rakeback and favorable conditions of the game. Then you need to deposit money into your account. You transfer the money which is then used by our agents to buy virtual chips for the game at PokerBros. The reverse exchange process is carried out in the same way. If you have enough money to withdraw, you create a request, we withdraw the coins and transfer the money to your account in real currency. 

Interface and features of PokerBros

In terms of graphics and user settings, the PokerBros app beats its competitors. The structure of the lobby, menus and tables is similar to PPPoker and Upoker. Given that the software is optimized for smartphones, it is easy to use from iOS and Android devices. There are six different themes of the table, there is a function bet slider, it is possible to play from one account at a maximum of 4 tables. 

With special panels, each user of PokerBros can create and manage clubs. An application for the computer at the moment is not provided. Therefore, to run PokerBros from the PC you will have to use the Android emulator. 

Comparison of PokerBros with other online poker platforms

In classic poker rooms, every player has access to all cash games and tournaments. In PokerBros and similar apps, the pool is divided into clubs and unions. This is one of the most important differences between regular rooms and mobile apps. 

Also, PokerBros does not have a cash register. Therefore, players cannot make their own deposits and withdrawals. For these purposes, they need to contact agents. 

The PokerBros platform is focused primarily on the game from mobile devices. This explains its more amateur orientation compared to traditional poker rooms. Usually, the pros prefer to play from their computers at home. That is why PokerBros is characterized by relatively weak lineups. 

Variety of games

At PokerBros you can find all the same games that are available in conventional rooms. The game is played around the clock. We can choose clubs with peak traffic, which suits each player individually. Traditionally, the most common discipline is No Limit Hold’em. Several varieties of Omaha, Chinese poker, Hold’em 6+ are also played. There are also multi-table tournaments. 

Cash games

PokerBros cash games are played on limits from NL10 up to NL1,000 and even higher. The most popular micro-limits are from NL10 to NL50. At these stakes about 60-70 tables are gathered on average. A similar number of tables on the same limits is available in Pot Limit Omaha. 

An important feature of PokerBros is the fact that PLO5 and PLO6 are more popular here than classic Omaha with 4 cards. Chinese poker, though present, but in the application it is not particularly popular. Hold’em with a short deck is also not as popular. Only on small limits you can play Hold’em 6+.

Tournaments and SnG

Gradually, the share of tournament players in PokerBros is increasing. This is due to the growth of the two largest unions in America, whose users prefer MTT cash. As a result of the merger of these unions, large tournaments and series with prize funds as high as $500K have become possible. 

There is also a large variety of multi-table tournaments in the clubs of Brazil. In almost any club you can also find MTTs, but the traffic there will not be as high. Tournaments are held by both Hold’em and Omaha rules, including a 5-card variant. 

In 2020, Sit & Go tournaments became available. They are also held on Omaha and Hold’em. In addition, the operator has launched Spins, that is, lottery tournaments with a randomly dropped prize pool. 


Rake at PokerBros can vary from club to club. In most cases, the commission is 5% – this is the average of the classic rooms. Rake is limited to 3 BB. At limits of NL200 and above, the cap is 2 BB. Rake is calculated according to the standard Weight Contributed scheme. There is a traditional rule that the commission is not deducted from deals that do not reach the flop. 


Each affiliate has its own bonus policy, and they set their own rakeback for their players. Rarely does this value go beyond 10-40%. However our agents are ready to offer the most favorable conditions – 50% rakeback. 

Safe gaming

Considering that PokerBros positions itself and legally is an application for playing with nominal chips, it does not need to be licensed. So this platform is not licensed, which may raise doubts about the safety of the game. 

Nevertheless, in the four-year history of this application, there have been no questions about its honesty and reliability. As for the work of agents, there were precedents of fraud. That is why you should trust only reliable agents such as Bastion Poker. 

We carefully select clubs, where we can guarantee the safety of our players and the transparency of the game conditions. We also guarantee the safety of our clients’ money. 

As for bots, they are actively dealt with at PokerBros. A team of programmers and pro players are responsible for finding and blocking cheaters. They manually and with the help of the software reveal the facts of the unfair game, quickly block the bots and confiscate funds.

PokerBros software was developed by Beyond Games Limited. The application uses a random number generator that has been certified by independent laboratories. So there is no doubt in the honesty of PokerBros.

Depositing and withdrawing funds at PokerBros

Depositing and withdrawing funds is done via our agents. The most common way to make financial transactions is in cryptocurrency. We use USDT or other coins linked to the dollar value. If you apply during the daytime, you can almost instantly deposit money and withdraw it within two hours. 

Player Support

You can contact the PokerBros support team regarding the operation of the app itself. If you have any questions about searching for clubs, making financial transactions, getting bonuses, etc., you should contact our managers. We advise our customers for free at your convenience. 

Pros and cons of PokerBros

The main advantages of PokerBros:

  1. A very weak field, including many players from the U.S., Asia, Latin America. 
  2. Great poker client with a lot of customization and popular features.
  3. High traffic during the day. 
  4. Ability to play for real money in countries where poker is prohibited by law. 
  5. Multi-table tournaments with big guarantees. 

As for the disadvantages, the following can be noted:

  1. To play from a PC you need to install an emulator, powerful hardware is required.  
  2. To display HUD you will have to buy a converter.  
  3. Not the usual format of the game organization.  
  4. The need to conduct financial transactions via agents. 


PokerBros and other poker apps are gradually conquering the global online poker market. PokerBros has become one of the most innovative applications with a mass of useful features and a user-friendly interface. Thanks to the high attendance, fishiness of the field and quite a large selection of formats and disciplines, PokerBros can be recommended to professionals and amateurs alike.