PPPoker Review 2023

PPPoker is one of the most popular mobile poker applications. In this room, as in all other similar clubs, conditional chips are used for the game. Each conditional chip is equivalent to real currency, for the withdrawals and deposits of which special agents are responsible. You can contact our agent to play PPPoker for real money and get additional benefits. We recommend using our services, rather than looking for small agents who often offer more favourable conditions. Such intermediaries may turn out to be scammers, and after receiving money for a deposit, they will never get in touch again.

  • Amateurs from Asia
  • High stakes heads-up tables
  • very weak fields in expensive games
  • Cashier via agent
  • No HUD

PPPoker software review

Launched in 2017, the PPPoker mobile app has made a splash in the poker world. A large number of people who wanted to download PPPoker appeared, because this poker room has a lot of advantages: decentralisation of payments, play for conditional money, a large number of amateurs, convenient play from mobile phones.

PPPoker app is similar to all other mobile versions of well-known poker rooms. Tables are displayed vertically. The controls are intuitive and the settings allow for a ton of visual and functional changes. You can install PPPoker on your PC and smartphones running Android and iOS. The function of viewing your own statistics has been implemented; it is presented in a separate section. Players with VIP status purchased for money can use more advanced statistics.

To play at several tables at once, you need to download PPPoker on your Windows computer. The maximum number of tables that can be played simultaneously is limited to three. In order to play at a large number of tables, you need to use an emulator and install the Android version.

You cannot use the emulator to use Hold’em Manager and other programs to collect and analyse statistics. However, using the services of external converters, it is possible to use the HUD. 

The traffic and clubs at PPPoker

PPPoker unites thousands of players from all over the world. At any time of the day, more than 1000 tables are active, at which players from the USA, India, Asia, South America, etc. gather. However, unlike poker networks, the pool is divided among closed clubs. PPPoker clubs are divided by geography, limits, types of games presented, cost of chips and other parameters. 

Our managers will select a club that will meet the player’s requirements as closely as possible. When selecting clubs, we take into account a number of characteristics:

  1. Limits. PPPoker offers games at limits from NL20 to NL2000, in some clubs there is also a more expensive game. 
  2. Poker type – Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Pineapple, etc. 
  3. Attendance and peak traffic times – the more players there are, the easier it is to find suitable tables. 
  4. PPPoker rakeback – high rakeback makes the game more profitable. You can count on 10-50% rakeback. By concluding a deal through our agent, you will receive the most favourable conditions for the game.
  5. Chip price – varies from 2 cents to $ 1. 

In addition to 9-max, 6-max and heads-up Hold’em and Omaha cash tables, PPPoker offers 6+ Hooks, Pineapple, multi-table tournaments, SNG tournaments, Spins and satellites for live events.

Some of the clubs at PPPoker are independent, while others are part of unions. When playing in an alliance, you can count on certain advantages: increased traffic compared to individual clubs, access to intra-union promotions, the ability to play against opponents from another country or club. However, with such an organisation of the game, there are also some disadvantages: it is necessary to pay an insurance payment to the manager; among the united clubs there may be communities with strong players.

As for the attendance of cash tables, the most popular limits are NL10-20, where at peak times (from 4 pm to 10 pm) there are 25 to 50 tables can be found. Slightly less traffic at NL51-100 stakes, and the most expensive NL400 – NL1000 stakes are represented by single tables. The most visited limits in Pot Limit Omaha are PLO51-PLO100, which collect from 17 to 30 tables. More users play Omaha at maximum limits than Hold’em. 

Multi-table tournaments are represented by events with guarantees up to 100 thousand dollars. The average buy-in is $ 10-50 with an average guaranteed fund of $ 200 – $ 3.000. Usually the attendance of such events does not exceed 100 players. In order not to be limited by the possibilities of the tournament grid of your club, you can take part in global tournaments that are held within the entire PPPoker application. In such events, prize money is paid out in gold chips, the single local currency. Tickets to live events can also be won in global tournaments. Electronic gadgets are often played out as prizes.

PPPoker recently introduced Spins – the most popular form of poker among recreational players. Here they are called SpinUp and are represented by several limits, with buy-ins starting from 1 chip. The structure of the lottery tournament is standard – it is a 3-max Hyper-Turbo SNG with the blinds increasing every 3 minutes. However, PPPoker decided to make its own adjustments to this format. So, instead of the standard 500 chips, each player first gets a stack of 3.000 chips, which corresponds to 60BB at the first level of the blinds. There is no ante in the Spins. There are 7 factors in total, and the first 3 factors are quite standard – x2, x3 and x5. The rest of the odds are very different from most poker rooms – x5, x10, x25, x100 and x1000.

It is noteworthy that the rake from SpinUp is not taken at all. Perhaps because of this, the x2 multiplier drops out in more than half of the cases. However, due to the large number of recreational players, this poker format is very profitable.

PPPoker is primarily an online application. Recently, however, the poker room has expanded its influence to offline. So, every year there is a live series of PPPoker World Championship tournaments. You do not need to purchase the full ticket price to participate in these events. You can try to win a ticket in inexpensive satellites, which are regularly held in the poker room PPPoker. 

PPPoker Rake 

The poker room rake in each club is set by the owner individually, but usually it is 5% with a maximum commission limit of 3BB. At heads-up tables, as a rule, the rake is less – about 3%. In some clubs the commission is above average. In Spins, the rake is not removed. The commission is taken only from those hands that reached the flop.

PPPoker Rakeback

PPPoker rakeback also depends on the chosen club, and varies from 10% to 50%. To get more favourable conditions for rakeback, contact our managers. We will provide an exclusive deal to make playing PPPoker even more profitable. 

Deposits and withdrawals at PPPoker

All financial transactions are carried out through an agent who converts the conditional currency of the poker room into real money at the rate of the selected club. To make deposits and cash-outs, you can use the following systems: bitcoin wallet, Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz, bank account. After requesting a cash-out, the money will be credited to the account within a few hours.

The size of the minimum deposit and cash-out in different clubs may differ. Usually, club owners require a deposit of at least $ 100. When withdrawing money, a small commission is taken, check its amount with our manager after selecting a club. Play chips are bought without commission. 

Why is it profitable to play at PPPoker

For those who are accustomed to playing in regular poker rooms, playing in the PPPoker application may seem inconvenient and confusing. Indeed, the balance is displayed in conditional chips that need to be converted into real currency at the rate that is individual for each club. In addition, some may be scared off by the fact that you cannot make deposits directly, but you need to use the services of an agent. Multi-table players will also experience some discomfort – no more than 3 tables can be opened through the application at the same time, and to open more tables, you need to use an emulator.

However, all these minor disadvantages are fully covered by the following advantages:

  1. A very weak field, mainly composed of players from Asia and the United States. The level of users’ play can be compared to offline, even at the highest limits. 
  2. Relatively small rake and low caps. It is especially beneficial to play cash at heads-up tables. 
  3. A wide selection of clubs – each player will be able to choose a club for himself, in accordance with the limit and discipline played.
  4. Decent rakeback in some clubs, reaching 50%. 
  5. Variety of games – you can find clubs specialising in Chinese poker, Hold’em 6+, pot-limit Omaha. 

Despite some inconveniences associated with deposits and cash-outs, as well as currency conversion, playing PPPoker is very profitable.