PPPoker Review 2024

PPPPoker is an online platform that provides access to closed club games to poker enthusiasts from around the world. This platform is designed to play from mobile devices. Moreover, the game is played for nominal chips, not for real money. In fact, the administrators of the clubs, within which the games are organized, set the rate between playmoney and currency. So PPPoker is a mobile application that allows you to play poker for money.

PPPoker appeared in 2015, and initially the site was intended for players from Asian countries. Later, the scope of the app expanded to North and South America, and Europe. Mobile poker apps have become serious competition to the classic poker rooms.

PPPoker is just a platform for playing poker. Within this platform, anyone can organize their own club. Only friends or people from a certain region can be invited. That is why clubs are often divided by geography.

The status of the platform for playing for funnies allows PPPoker to operate in all countries, even in those where online poker is prohibited. In this way, mobile apps have managed to bypass bans and allow poker enthusiasts from all over the world to play for money.

  • Amateurs from Asia
  • High stakes heads-up tables
  • very weak fields in expensive games
  • Cashier via agent
  • No HUD

How the PPPoker app works

PPPoker is a decentralized poker app. This means that there is no single operator that organizes the games and makes the financial transactions, as it happens in online poker rooms. 

In PPPoker, clubs can join together in alliances to increase overall traffic. This allows players from the same club access to a common pool. In case you want to play at several tables at the same time, you will have to open several accounts. It is important to note that you can only play at one table from one account. 

The functionality of the PPPoker app allows each user to create a club. You can buy nominal chips for real money and then give them to your players. Owners of clubs take a commission for providing their services – it is rake. Usually the commission does not exceed the rake of standard poker rooms. All financial transactions are carried out between the players and the agents who organize the games. 

That is why it is very important to choose such an agent who can be trusted. Bastion Poker has been on the mobile app market for over 5 years, and is ready to provide agent services on the most favorable conditions. So, if you want to get access to PPPoker’s weak fields, please contact our managers. 

User interface

When developing the PPPoker mobile app, Chinese poker rooms were used as a basis. The innovative idea was to use the vertical position of the tables. Due to this solution, it was possible to play with one hand. The software has been repeatedly improved, and today it is presented in its best version. 

The client functionality allows you to track the personal status of the game in cash and tournaments. It is also possible to view the HUD of your opponents. For these purposes, you need to buy a special status (black card). The card is purchased for the local currency, which, in turn, can be bought for real money. 

The mobile application PPPoker works steadily, without failures. But if you want to play from the computer, you are in for some surprises. The fact that the unfamiliar layout of the tables and the buttons of the interface can cause some difficulties at first time. The application’s interface is adapted specifically for mobile devices. 

Comparing PPPoker with other online poker platforms

In the countries where online poker is prohibited it is common to play poker at home or in underground establishments. Naturally, such games are very dangerous. Therefore, the emergence of PPPoker was a salvation for poker fans. The mobile application allowed the legalization of gambling in countries where it is prohibited. 

PPPoker allows you to play in closed clubs, similar to offline establishments. And the level of opposition is comparable to offline. In this case, all the disadvantages of real gambling establishments are absent. 

Players willingly join PPPPoker clubs for several reasons. There are rather weak lineups. The application is quite easy to use. There is no need to disclose personal information, and no one will know about your financial movements. Traffic is very high, comparable to the top poker rooms. Therefore, you definitely will not experience a lack of choice of games. 

Clubs in the PPPoker app

There are hundreds of clubs in the PPPoker app from around the world. Many of the clubs are organized into large unions, which play games in a wide range of disciplines across a wide range of limits 24/7. 

Considering that each club has its own peculiarities (limits, types of poker, geolocation, etc.), not every alliance can suit you. You can let Bastion Poker’s managers know your preferences and they will find you a club more suitable for you. 

Variety of Games

Even though PPPoker does not have a general player pool, you can still play the formats and types of poker that you are used to. More than 5,000 cash tables are available throughout the day. You can play Hold’em, Omaha, Chinese poker, Hold’em 6+ on micro, low, medium and high limits. Multi-table tournaments with fairly large prize pools are held. 

Cash games

At almost every club you’ll find Hold’em and Omaha rules cash games. Most games are played at 9-max and 6-max tables. The most common limits are $10-50. On these limits, about 280 tables are gathered by Hold’em rules and 340 tables by Omaha rules. 

It is worth noting that in addition to regular Omaha, also in PPPoker widespread variant with five cards. In some clubs, this type of poker is even ahead of standard Omaha in terms of traffic. 

You can find clubs with many Chinese poker tables. Usually these are Asian clubs. They play on limits from $0.1 to $10 per hand. Shortdeck is not as popular at PPPoker. Usually only on low limits there is action in Hold’em 6+.

MTT and SnG

Initially, the PPPoker app was created only for cash games. Gradually small SnG tournaments began to appear. With the increase in attendance began to organize multi-table tournaments with fairly large guarantees, reaching half a million dollars. 

If you are a tournament player, you should join the Australian alliance PPPfish or Latin American Liga Suprema. They have the most tournaments with good guarantees. These alliances also organize a big PPST series. 

Attitude towards pro players

The main advantage of PPPoker is its weak field. This is due to the fact that most clubs are dominated by weak Asian, American and Latin American players. Also, the very format of the mobile app assumes an amateur attitude to poker – from the phone pros rarely play. 

In addition, an important merit of PPPoker in the fishiness of the field is the special treatment of pro players. Trackers, autopay scripts, mining, pre-flop chats are not available. Many alliances control the ratio of strong players to weak players. If there are too many weak players, clubs can be fined or excluded from the alliance altogether. 

Rake and rakeback

Each club sets its own rake. Usually the commission is 5%, which is standard for most classic poker rooms. Rake is not charged on deals that do not reach the flop. The average cap is 3B. Usually the cap is lower at higher limits. 

Rakeback is also set by the club administrators. Considering that they do not incur almost any costs, unlike regular rooms, they can afford to set quite high rakeback. In some clubs it ranges from 30 to 70%. However, you should be careful, because the administrators may take a commission for additional services, such as withdrawal. 

Security and Protection

PPPoker, like other similar mobile applications, has no license. This is due to the status of the platform itself – it is designed to play for chips. So, many players may reasonably have a question about the security of playing on PPPoker. 

In fact, the mobile platform itself, is absolutely safe. But for the safety of your money and the security of transfers is the responsibility of the agent. Therefore, you should cooperate only with proven and reliable agents. 

PPPoker has a random number generator that is regularly tested by Gaming Labs, a reputable and independent laboratory. So, the influence on the GSH from the outside is excluded. Teamplay in PPPPoker is not widespread, because for playing with collusion, your account is blocked with the confiscation of funds. And the security service closely monitors compliance with the rules. In addition to the security service of the application itself, large alliances have additional internal security officers. 

Depositing and withdrawing at PPPoker

Standard for poker rooms, there is no cashier’s desk on PPPoker. Therefore, players cannot make their own deposits and withdrawals. These transactions are made via agents. 

Agents from Bastion Poker guarantee the security of transactions. We work with cryptocurrencies and some electronic payment systems. Money is credited quickly after transfers.

Player Support

To contact the support team at PPPoker, you can send an email or contact through the application interface. There are also PPPoker employees on social networks. But these appeals should relate directly to the work of the platform, not the process of the game or financial transactions. 

For all other questions you can contact our managers. We will help with the search for suitable clubs, registration, making deposits and withdrawals. We can also provide free advice on any questions regarding poker applications. 

Pros and cons of PPPoker


  1. High attendance, comparable to the most popular poker rooms. 
  2. Weak lineups with a predominance of amateurs from Asia and the United States. 
  3. Wide choice of poker types and limits. 
  4. Large rakeback. 
  5. Ability to install software on your PC and play multiple tables. 


  1. There is no cashier’s desk.
  2. Traffic is divided into clubs and unions. 
  3. No poker software allowed. 


Poker apps are actively gaining the trust of a growing number of online poker fans. Thanks to soft fields, high attendance and a wide choice of formats and limits, PPPoker attracts players of all levels. If you want to improve your poker performance, you should definitely check out PPPoker. You can find out all the nuances of signing up, joining clubs and depositing your account from Bastion Poker’s managers.