PokerMaster Review 2024

PokerMaster is the first and most popular poker room in China, which heralded the Asian poker boom that began in 2017. This room is presented as a mobile application, traditional for Asian countries. The game is played on conditional chips, because gambling is prohibited in China. Play-money is exchanged for real currency through agents. This system of financial transactions is very popular in Asian countries and allows locals to play poker.

PokerMaster has gained immense popularity due to the ability to play poker from a mobile phone. It is from smartphones that the main traffic goes to poker rooms today. The game is played in closed PokerMaster clubs, which have solved the problems of bot breeding and team-play. Restricting access to these clubs has led to a weakening of the field, so PokerMaster is an excellent room for a profitable game. 

  • Amateurs from China
  • Heads-up tables up to NL6K
  • Very good fields in expensive games
  • Cashier via agents
  • Playing with the help of mobile app or emulator
  • Difficult set-up

PokerMaster software review

You can download PokerMaster on mobile devices running Android and iOS. The application interface is quite standard with a vertical lobby orientation. At the top there are tabs with a selection of poker disciplines. Using filters, you can sort tables by various parameters.

In the center of the lobby there is a list of tables available for playing. The application interface is translated into English, which makes navigation easier. The controls are intuitive, so even without knowledge of English, you can easily find the tables and games you need.

Go to the Club tab to select one of the clubs you are a member of. Clicking on the club icon will open a new lobby. Click the Me tab to view your account details and check your hand history.

In PokerMaster, tables open vertically, just like in other Chinese applications. The room cannot boast of a wide variety of settings. However, there are four available cloth colours to choose from, a deck with four suit colours is available. In the settings, you can change how bets are displayed at different stages of the game.

Despite the fact that the poker room supports third-party programs for collecting statistics, using the HUD in PokerMaster is prohibited by the rules. Therefore, if the security service detects that you are using third-party software, your account may be blocked with a complete confiscation of money in the account.

You can use the available statistics of the poker room, and this is the number of hands and sessions played, VPIP and PFR. Together with the ability to make notes, this information will allow you to compile statistics for each opponent.

To download PokerMaster to your computer, you need to use an Android emulator. Playing on PC, you can open more tables than is available on mobile devices. 

Traffic and clubs

The pool of the poker room is divided into closed clubs, some of which form alliances to increase traffic. Each individual PokerMaster club is characterised by unique conditions, individual settlement system and rules.

All PokerMaster clubs can be roughly divided into two categories: private Chinese, which is almost impossible to get into if you do not live in China, and public, which players from any country have access to.

The conditions of play in each club can be very different: in terms of insurance, minimum number of hands, PFR and VPIP requirements, etc. However, all clubs have a single exchange rate of play-money in relation to the yuan.

Considering that the majority of PokerMaster visitors are Chinese, peak traffic occurs in the evening, Chinese time. This means that according to European time, the maximum attendance starts from 15.00.

Conversion of real money into play-money takes place at the rate of 1:1 pegged to the yuan. Most of the tables are collected in the cash with the rules of Hold’em and Omaha in 9-max and 6-max formats. Moreover, the game is played on the entire range of limits, from 1/2/4 CNY to 200 CNY. Also, many clubs have a heads-up format.

Thanks to the ability to straddle the game and the presence of antes, the game is played more aggressively, which adds dynamics. Fans of Open Chinese Poker and Short Deck Hold’em won’t find enough game at PokerMaster. 

PokerMaster Rake

The rake in PokerMaster is non-standard and is very different from the methods of withdrawing the commission in other rooms. Here the rake is withdrawn in three ways – 10% of the buy-in when boarding, 5% when leaving the table for winning money and 10% of the withdrawal period. The commission will not be charged at the close of the table if the player won nothing. In case of a win, a percentage is taken only from the net profit minus the buy-in.

PokerMaster Rakeback

To get information on rakeback at PokerMaster, contact our managers. They will offer you more favourable conditions for playing at this poker room. 

Deposits and cash-outs

To deposit your PokerMaster account, you need to use the services of agents. Our agents will deposit funds at any convenient time – the money is credited instantly. To do this, you can use the Skrill and Neteller systems. When you cash out, the poker room takes a commission of 10%. 

PokerMaster advantages

The main advantage of playing at PokerMaster is its weak field, represented mainly by recreational players from China. This application has a reputation as a reliable poker room, which guarantees the integrity of the game and the safety of funds. Our agents, in turn, are ready to help not only in deposits and cash-outs, but also in installing and configuring software.