Unibet Poker Review 2024

Unibet Poker is a separate poker room that is not part of any of the existing networks and is aimed at players from Scandinavia and England. Until 2014, this room was part of the MPN network and was the flagship room. After Unibet began to develop in its own way, outside the MPN network. It should be noted that sports betting has always been a priority area of this company. And as you know, a bookmaker is a source of recreational players in any poker room. 

  • A lot of recreational players
  • Low rake on micro-limits
  • No HUD

Software review

Unibet Poker has developed its own software with unique features and “tricks”. The main distinguishing feature of this room is its cartoon design. The software demonstrates excellent speed and stable performance. The client is multifunctional and has many settings, thanks to which each player can adapt the software to their own preferences.

You can download Unibet Poker both on your computer and on your mobile phone. You can also play poker in the browser using the flash version of the client. The poker room does not support the work of third-party software for collecting statistics, as well as various helpers. This is not surprising since the room is geared towards amateur players. The room does not save the history of the hands played, in order to get access to them, you should contact the support.

To protect recreational players from regulars, the poker room has implemented the function of anonymous tables. Nicknames at the table are not displayed. Also, It will not be possible to occupy a specific table, because the landing is carried out automatically in a random way. The player can only choose the desired limit and the format of the game.

There are many custom settings for the appearance of tables, thanks to which you can adapt tables to multi-tabling. There is no chat in the poker room, as well as the ability to tag opponents. So it will not be possible to collect any information about the rivals.

The traffic and the choice of games

In terms of traffic, Unibet Poker is one of the twenty most visited rooms in the world. An average of 1000 poker players play here in cash. The number of connections may increase to 4000 in the evening (from 20.00 to 00.00 Moscow time). The room is mostly visited by recreational players from Western Europe.

Cash games at Unibet Poker are held in three formats – standard tables with the rules of Hold’em and Omaha, and Banzai (all-in-fold format with a 10 BB purchase). Limits start at NL4 and go up to NL400. The game is played exclusively at 6-max tables. In the range of limits from NL25 to NL100, about 50-60 people play at peak times for each limit. Another 20-30 poker players play at NL200 and NL400.

The most popular pot-limit Omaha limit is PLO4, with around 100 players. At the limits above, 20-50 people play.

Recently Unibet Poker has been actively developing its tournament direction. The regular tournament grid was changed, the guaranteed prize pools were increased. The guarantee in some series reaches 300 thousand euros. Moreover, for each limit, its own series is held with ticket prices ranging from 0.25 to 100 euros.

Daily tournaments are held in the range of limits from 0.50 to 50 euros. On Sundays, you can take part in a € 100 tournament and compete for a portion of the € 20.000 guaranteed prize pool. Unibet Poker also organises major offline series with corresponding satellites. Buy-ins for these qualifiers start at € 0.01.

Unibet Poker promotions and bonuses

At Unibet Poker the no-deposit bonus is € 200. This bonus is given to all new players upon registration. However, you will still need to deposit your account for any amount, even the minimum. The bonus must be wagered within 60 days from the date it was received. Bonus money is credited in five instalments and corresponds to a 25% rakeback. In addition to the cash, new players who have made a deposit will be able to get 4 tickets to free rolls with a guaranteed prize pool of € 500.

An additional bonus at Unibet Poker is given for reaching prizes in the leaderboard. You can also take part in the jackpot drawing. 

Unibet Poker rake

The rake at Unibet Poker is calculated according to the Weighted Contributed method according to the contributions to the pot by each player. The lower the limit, the lower the commission withdrawn – this is the exact opposite of the system to other popular rooms, where, on the contrary, the rake decreases as the limits grow. So, at micro-stakes (from 4 to 10 euros) only 1% and 3% of the rake is withdrawn. Thus, Unibet Poker is the perfect option for those looking to play at the lowest limits. At the highest limits, the rake reaches 6%. The cap ranges from 1 to 3 euros.

In Spins, the standard commission of 6.8% is charged, regardless of the limit. In SNG tournaments the rake is 3-5%. In multi-table tournaments, rake is included in the buy-in price and is 10% everywhere.

Unibet Poker Rakeback

There is no rakeback at Unibet Poker, which is also aimed at attracting recreational players who cannot generate a large amount of rake. Therefore, the poker room offered a different reward system – bonus points are awarded for completing tasks. As soon as a certain number of points is reached, various bonuses, cash, tickets are issued.

Missions can be very different. For example, collect 2 spades in the hand, collect a full house by the river three times, get a suited hand several times, call a bet on the big blind and win the hand. At different limits, the number of points awarded for the same mission is different. Contact our managers to get more favourable conditions for playing at Unibet Poker.

Deposits and cash-outs at Unibet Poker are made using popular payment systems – Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney, etc. The minimum deposit is $ 5, 10 or $ 20, depending on the selected payment system. You can withdraw from $ 25.

Why is it worth playing at Unibet Poker

Based on the reviews about Unibet Poker, we have compiled a list of the main advantages of this poker room:

  1. Reliability of a well-known brand, fairness and safety of the game. 
  2. Weak field made up of recreational European players. 
  3. Ideal conditions for playing at micro stakes (1% rake). 
  4. High attendance at 6-max cash tables.