Panda Poker Review 2024

Panda Poker is one of the most popular Chinese rooms, which is part of the 1Pokerstars Network. Other rooms of this network are less known: No1Poker, RealPoker, 1Pokerstats. However, the traffic is good here.

This room can be considered one of the most popular rooms in China, since it is entirely focused on players from the Middle Kingdom. Software for collecting game statistics is prohibited here, and the interface is only in Chinese – quite difficult for European players. That is why the Panda Poker room has very weak fields at all limits, up to NL3k $.

The room also stands out for its low rake, which is only 3%. If you are going to play here, be aware that the room is suitable for fans of full ring tables who are ready to roll in a mobile client against weak players at medium and high limits.

  • Convenient application
  • High traffic
  • Play at any time of the day or night
  • Banned trackers
  • Support for a small number of payment systems
  • Chinese interface

Room and traffic overview

If you have played in Chinese rooms at least once, then you know about the clubs that exist there. In the context of this institution, you will not encounter this here. All players are in the lobby, which is quite unusual for an Asian room. The most amount of players online is after about 15:00 Moscow time and lasts until 20:00.

All games at Panda Poker are played in CNY – the Chinese currency. At the time of this writing in September 2021, $ 1 = 6.47 CNY.

Most of the tables are 9-max Hold’em, and all players are charged ante and straddle. If we talk about the workload of tables, then it is approximately as follows:

  • 1/2(4) NL60$ – 27;
  • 2/4(8) NL120$ – 16;
  • 5/10(20) NL250$ – 10;
  • 10/20(40) NL500$ – 9.

The more expensive game appears much less often and slower – during peak evening hours, 2-3 full tables are gathered on tables in the range from NL1k $ to NL3k $.

Our Panda Poker review wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention the Omaha tables. Of course they are here. They are played in a 7-max format, and the number of tables depends on the time. In the evening, it is typed:

  • 10-12 tables 1/2(4) PLO60$;
  • 12-14 tables 2/4(8) PLO120$.

In any case, this room collects the largest traffic among all Chinese rooms.

Software and support for trackers

Since Chinese players are not particularly versed in software, it is, for obvious reasons, prohibited here. You will not be able to play with the HUD and gain additional advantages over an already weak field. We also draw your attention to the fact that the interface is presented here only in Chinese. For many players, this will be a great difficulty, because it will not be possible to translate it except manually. Another design flaw is the color scheme of the lobby – it is white.

Of course, we provide our players with all the necessary instructions on how to create an account, make a deposit and start playing. With these detailed manuals, you will be able to fully play without any inconvenience.

The main lobby of the room contains a list of all tables, as well as menu buttons below them. Above you can find a button for activating filters. Here they are not very wide, but still they will help you find the right table.

The Panda Poker room uses its own small HUD, which displays four statistics parameters during the game: VPIP, WTSD, loss percentage and number of hands. Despite the scarcity, they will still help you navigate the table. Optionally, you can change the colours of the deck and cloth.

Room advantages

Despite all the disadvantages that lie in the client itself and its language, there are many advantages here. Firstly, these are very weak fields at medium and high limits. All tables are presented in 9-max format, which are filled in the afternoon until evening. If you are ready to put up with not the most convenient client, then weak fields at limits even above $ 500 NL will allow you to play a stable plus.