City of Poker Review 2024

City of Poker is a Chinese poker application formerly called Fire Poker. The operator began its activity in 2019, and after rebranding in 2021, it completely renewed the client and changed its name to the current one.

After the update, a direct cash desk appeared in the poker room, which allows making transactions in cryptocurrency, as well as a classic rake collection scheme. In addition, the new interface has become more convenient and modern, and translation into English has become available. In COP, all players are united into a single pool and are not divided into closed clubs, as in many other mobile applications. In this poker room you will find a lot of games even at the highest limits, up to NL1.5K.

It is possible to create an account in City of Poker without intermediaries, for this it is enough to link your mobile phone number. The reason of this is that not only residents of China, but also of many other countries, including the Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine, can register in this room. What else the Chinese application can boast of, you will learn from this City of Poker review.

  • High traffic of weak players
  • Easy to use app
  • Availability of play on all limits
  • No PC version
  • No rakeback and bonuses
  • Difficulties with registration


As it wan mentioned above, the City of Poker client has undergone significant changes in 2021. The application has become more modern in terms of design, but the functionality has not changed much. The orientation of the tables remains the same – vertical. One account can only play at one single table. To start a poker room from a computer, you need to use an emulator. The app supports English.

City of Poker prohibits the official use of the software for collecting statistics. However, as practice shows, there is no control over the use of trackers. Therefore, players calmly display statistics using Hold’em Manager and Poker Tracker.

The interface of the City of Poker application is quite standard, so there should be no difficulties with navigation. In the main menu, above the list of tables, there are filters, above which there is a button for the Lobby and personal account. You can change the appearance of tables by choosing among several colours of the cloth. The deck back and suit display are also changing.

Traffic and game choice

City of Poker visitors play cash games at 6-max, 7-max and 8-max No-Limit Texas Hold’em and Pot-Limit Omaha tables. The room also hosts multi-table tournaments. On average, 300-400 players are online per day. Peak traffic occurs between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm CET.

The most traffic is collected by cash tables with the rules of Hold’em. It is played in three formats, but the most popular are 8-max tables. After lunch and until early evening, there is a maximum attendance.

The cash game in City of Poker is characterised by the following features:

  • Limited time tables – usually no more than 6 hours.
  • The game is played in the local currency – yuan.
  • There is a mandatory ante bet, there are straddles at medium and high limits.
  • The highest limit is 23/50/100 or NL1.5K $.

Most of the games are at the limits 0.5 / 1 and 1/2 – from 15 to 20 tables each. The minimum limits (0.05 / 0.1 and 0.1 / 0.2) are collected in about 5 tables.

City of Poker Omaha is played at only three limits, but the attendance of this type of poker is quite low. 1-2 MTTs are held daily in turbo format with a guaranteed prize pool of up to 100K yuan and a value of 6.6 to 22 yuan.


Commission at City of Poker is charged according to the classic weight contributed scheme, which is not so popular in Chinese poker rooms. Usually, in Asian apps, rake is taken only from players who finish the session with a plus. In City of Poker, the rake percentage directly depends on the number of players who took part in the distribution. So, when heads-up, only 1% is withdrawn, when playing 3-4 participants – 2%, and if there are more than 5 players in the distribution, then 3% of the rake is taken.

There are also caps – restrictions on the maximum size of the commission. The higher the limit played, the lower the cap compared to the straddle cap. So, at a limit of 0.05 / 0.1, no more than 0.60 yuan of commission for 5+ players is withdrawn, and at a limit of 25/50 – up to 25 yuan. In multi-table tournaments, the commission is included in the buy-in and is the standard 10%.

There is no classic rakeback scheme at City of Poker, as in many other Asian rooms. Due to the very small rake, there is no need for additional rewards. However, fans of entertainment elements can participate in Jackpots, or take advantage of the all-in insurance.

Deposits and cash-outs

Unlike the popular poker applications in Asia, there is a direct cash desk in the COP. This means that you can fund your account and withdraw money yourself. Foreign poker players (all except those in China) can only use USDT for transactions. To go to the cashier to replenish your account, click on the button with the “+” sign located next to the balance at the top of the lobby. The invoice is displayed in RMB. Please note that the local yuan / dollar exchange rate is 1.4% lower than the official one.

The minimum top-up amount is 64 yuan, which equates to approximately $ 10. A maximum of $ 10,000 can be deposited at a time. You can get more detailed information on the methods of replenishing your account and withdrawing funds from our manager.

Advantages and disadvantages of City of Poker

One of the most important advantages of City of Poker is the “fishiness” of the field. Asian poker rooms are famous for their weak players. At COP, too, most of the players are recreational Chinese players. Nevertheless, the management of the room is quite loyal to the regulars from the CIS countries. They turn a blind eye to the use of prohibited software, players from most foreign countries are accepted without any problems. The translation of the app into English also testifies to the direction of the development of the room towards foreign players.

Of course, gambling is prohibited in China, so City of Poker has no legal status in this country, and therefore this room is not licensed. Therefore, no one can give you guarantees of the safety and security of your personal funds. Nevertheless, during its existence, this room has proven its reliability and honesty towards its users.

The advantages of City of Poker also include direct cashier support, thanks to which players can deposit and withdraw money themselves. Regulars will also appreciate the ability to use the HUD.

The main disadvantages of the room: you can open only one table from one account, to play on a PC you need to install a converter, relatively little traffic, the only way to make transactions is available.

Contact our managers to get more detailed information about the conditions of registration and playing at City of Poker. We will also assist in setting up the software and making a deposit.