BetOnline Poker Review 2024

From this review you will get comprehensive information about the most popular room in the Chico network, BetOnline Poker. The article will cover the history of the appearance and development of this room, the features and functionality of the client, the types of games presented and limits. Also, we will analyze current bonuses, rakeback and VIP-program conditions. You’ll find out what methods of deposit and withdrawal at Betonline Poker. 

After reading the review, you will be able to identify the main advantages and disadvantages of this room. This information will allow you to find out if Betonline Poker is right for you. 

  • Recreational players from US and Canada
  • Good traffic
  • Paid converter for stats display

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A brief history of BetOnline Poker

The company BetOnline Poker has existed since at least 2001. Initially, this site specialized only in betting and online casinos. In 2006, this operator was among the top 60 largest bookmakers and betting exchanges. 

The company BetOnline has original approaches to the promotion of its brand. For example, in 2009 the operator decided to take a bet from the summit of Mount Everest. For this purpose, an experienced mountain climber Tim Rippel was hired. The company promised to donate $20,000 to charity if the bet was accepted. However, after the climber climbed to the top of the mountain, the bid failed. Nevertheless, the attempt was repeated from camp at an altitude of 7,920 meters, and this time the bet succeeded, with the bet playing out. The donation was made. 

The poker direction at BetOnline started much later than the bookmaker’s. It is inextricably linked with the Canadian network Chico, which takes players from the United States. Only two networks can boast the possibility of registering Americans – Chico and WPN. 

The Chico network appeared in 2012. However, it was not built from scratch. The owners bought the already popular but bankrupt Action Gaming network and rebranded it. The debts were paid and the network successfully continued its work. BetOnline Poker became the first poker room that accepts cryptocurrency. 

App Overview

The company Connective Games from Tomsk worked on the development of the client BetOnline Poker. It created a convenient application for both computer and mobile devices. All Chico network skins have the same software, and BetOnline differs only in color scheme. 

The client interface is quite familiar and convenient. There are many settings with which each player can adapt the software to himself. For example, you can set the auto-buy-in, adjust the size of bets, make notes, etc. In a couple of clicks from the lobby you can remove unnecessary disciplines – this will make it easier and faster to find the necessary games. The appearance of the table and deck of cards is easy to change. 

Using poker trackers in BetOnline Poker is possible. You can use Hand2Note HUD directly. But to use Hold’em Manager and Poker Tracker you will need a converter. The Chico network has banned converters as of late. 

Mobile client is quite handy and functional. There is a version not only for Android but also for iOS. The software works very fast without freezing. The tables have a vertical orientation. The main menu provides a panel where the main games are collected. Multi-tabling is possible. Many filters will allow you to quickly sort the tables. 

Types of games

Since 2016, BetOnline Poker is steadily near the top ten rooms, leading in terms of traffic. The peak of attendance is at night and early morning Moscow time. There are about 4,000 people online at that time of day. Most of the traffic is at the cash tables and SnG tournaments. 

Traditionally, Texas Hold’em is the most popular discipline. The rules of this type of poker gather 80% of the cash tables. The remaining 20% are Omaha tables. Hold’em 6+, although present in the lobby, is almost never played. 

Both 6-max and 9-max tables are played. The game is available on limits from NL10 to NL1000. Although the latter is represented by single tables. 

Fast poker in BetOnline Poker also exists. But in this poker room it has not gained popularity. Activity is present only on NL10 and NL25 limits. 

Omaha, although it collects only 20% of cash traffic, is quite popular in comparison with other rooms at BetOnline Poker. Moreover, not only the regular Hi-version is played here, but also Low, 5-card and even 6-card varieties. 

The SnG is played at 8-max tables, of which there are several dozens at peak times. There are also heads-up tables. The highest activity is in tournaments with buy-ins of $10-60. Spins are also present in BetOnline Poker, the cost of participation in which ranges from $3 to $30. Moreover, four types of lottery tournaments are available. 

MTT-set BetOnline Poker is quite large. Every month, there are tournaments in the room with a total guaranteed prize pool of up to $ 10 million. Of course, this figure is far from the results of the top rooms, but BetOnline has an advantage over them – weaker lineups. The most expensive tournaments are held on Sundays, costing $109 and guaranteeing $150,000. 

Game level at BetOnline Poker

Given that BetOnline is primarily a betting shop and casino, there is no shortage of recreational players here. In between betting, bettors often visit the poker section, where they easily part with their hard-earned money. And in general, most poker players from the U.S. and Canada are not highly skilled. 

Regularly scheduled promotions, such as the Jackpot Beat, can increase interest in the room on the part of the finishers. Table selections are present in the room, so you can pick the best lineups for yourself. Therefore, BetOnline is undoubtedly a successful room for experienced players. 

The company’s management is still interested in that BetOnline Poker is not filled with only professionals, who can discourage the interest to poker from amateurs. Therefore, introduced various innovations and bans. Many programs for collecting statistics have been prohibited, the number of simultaneously played tables was reduced to 8, rakeback stopped to be calculated by the direct scheme. 

Bonuses and promotions

The poker room offers a lot of bonuses designed for new players and regulars. The latter can participate in leaderboards, where $100,000 is played out every month. To participate in the race for cash, you just need to play at the cash tables and accumulate points. Prizes are awarded to race leaders on a daily basis. Depending on the limits, prizes can be $300, $700 and $1,000. 

Welcome Bonus

There is a great first deposit bonus for new players. You need to deposit at least $50 into your account, and the poker room will double that amount, up to a maximum of $1,000. The bonus is wagered under the following conditions: $5 will be deducted from your bonus account for every $50 of rake generated. 

Bad Beat Jackpot

As of March 2023, BetOnline Poker has a new bad beat jackpot that is even more generous than the previous one. Cash games at different limits form the prize pool for the jackpot. In the event that a player with a double or higher four-bet combination loses to an older combination, the bad-bet jackpot is played. 

Under the terms of this offer, the prizes do not only go to the participants of the deal. No one will be left without money. 20% of the prize pool goes to the loser of the deal, 10% goes to the winner, and 10% is divided among the rest of the players at the table. Another 20% goes to all players at the bad beat jackpot tables. 35% goes to the next jackpot and 5% to the commission. 

Rake and rakeback

Rake in BetOnline Poker is calculated according to the scheme and depends on how much money is deposited in the pot by each player. Depending on the limits played it may be 5.5% or 6.25%. A higher rake is charged on limits from NL10 up to NL25. 

Cap on micro-limits varies from $1 to $2 depending on the number of players. The maximum commission limit is $8. 

At the cash tables participating in the draw of the bad bit jackpot, additional rake is withdrawn for the formation of the prize fund. For example, on NL10 limits $1 rake is taken from a $1 pot, i.e. additional 1%. 

In BetOnline Poker there is no direct rakeback. Through participation in races you can get increased rakeback. However, in order to take prizes in leaderboards, you need to play poker regularly. 

Deposit and withdrawal methods

Deposits to BetOnline Poker can be made by means of bank cards Visa in the range from $25 to $500. Also accepted payments from ecoPayz – from $10 to $10,000. Given that BetOnline Poker is the first room to start accepting cryptocurrency, you’ll be able to fund your account in multiple coins. The minimum deposit is $20 and the maximum is $50,000. 

The choice of available financial instruments is related to the main orientation of the room – for players from the United States. For Russians and CIS residents the best ways to deposit and withdraw are cryptocurrency wallets. In addition to Bitcoin, payments can be made in Etherium, Lightcoin, USDT and some other coins. 

To start playing poker for money, you need to fund your account and transfer money to the poker section. In order to withdraw funds you need to verify your account beforehand. Cash-outs are made only on weekdays. It takes up to 24 hours to review the application. 

Customer support

Answers to most common questions can be found in the FAQ section. The site also provides a live chat, where you can get advice on minor issues. If you need to send a large appeal, it is better to use e-mail. You can also call the phone number listed on the site. 

Pros and cons


  1. Weak field due to the large number of players from the United States. 
  2. Action at 9-max tables. 
  3. High cash traffic. 
  4. Support of Trackers.
  5. Lots of play in SnG tournaments. 
  6. Table selections available.


  1. There is no direct rakeback.  
  2. Cryptocurrency is the only convenient payment method.  
  3. HUD without converters is supported only through H2N.

BetOnline Poker is a reliable company with a long history and an untarnished reputation. Although the poker room is outside the top 10 most visited rooms, it still has a good traffic, especially in cash and SnG tournaments. The low level of opponent game and the ability to use trackers make BetOnline Poker a great poker room for regulars.