One of the most famous poker apps now supports a new cash table format called All-in or Fold. Now PPPoker players can create a similar table in the club and enjoy an exciting game! Let’s take a closer look at this innovation.

All-in or Fold (AOF) features

For about a year, the PPPoker room has not released any significant updates regarding the game variety in the room. The last such innovation was 3-1 Hold’em, but now things are different. The previous mode turned into a permanent one and passed from the test mode. Now players have access to tables in AoF format.

There are no fundamental differences between AoF PPPoker and other rooms:

  • The game is played at tables for four players;
  • Starting stack and size before purchase is limited to 8 BB;
  • After receiving cards, players have only two options, namely push and fold.

Such tables are created with a temporary limitation of the action – they are automatically deleted after a few hours if the game is not being played at them.

Why did they add this particular format?

Fast AoF poker is gaining popularity rapidly. This format was previously added by two rooms at once:

  1. KKpoker has replenished its gaming assortment with these types of cash tables in the spring;
  2. PokerBros announced similar tables in April, but in a tournament format, which, of course, are already in full swing.

Of course, neither these rooms, nor PPPoker became the pioneers and inventors of the format. He has been a member of GGNetwork for several years now, where AoF poker fans gather.

Most likely, the connection of the new format is due to the desire of the room to attract new players, mostly recreational ones. It is extremely difficult to beat AoF, and this is possible only in case of high rakeback, or special promotions, such as jackpots in GGNetwork.

Rakeback: 30%
Trackers Not Allowed
No Welcome Bonus
Additional Rakeback
  • Amateurs from Asia
  • High stakes heads-up tables
  • very weak fields in expensive games
  • Cashier via agent
  • No HUD
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